We have developed tools designed to make the management of your contact center easier and more efficient.

MediaVault Plus Screenshot


MediaVault Plus is a secure, scalable and affordable way to archive, retrieve and review call recordings, emails and chats. Designed as a highly scalable cloud-based solution, MediaVault can grow with you and handle the demands of small and enterprise-level organizations. It integrates with leading cloud-based call center solutions and offers multiple options to save recordings for retrieval and review. Recordings are stored in Amazon’s AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) providing a secure (AES-256 encryption), highly scalable and durable solution.


A user-friendly interface is just the beginning of Simple TTS (text-to-speech), a powerful tool that allows contact center administrators to easily update prompts that callers hear in the IVR. Administrators can download their existing prompts, transcribe them, edit them and upload the edits to have text-to-speech (TTS) prompts generated within seconds using a choice of Amazon Polly, Google Text-to-Speech, or Microsoft Azure. Further, these prompt files can be automatically uploaded into contact center scripts so your changes are instantly available to callers in the IVR!

BI as a Service


If your contact center struggles with finding actionable insights in your reporting, our business intelligence (BI) solution can help. Our pre-built reporting platform helps you consolidate disparate data sources into a single source of truth, explore the data and identify insights that will help you make decisions to serve your customers better, faster, and more effectively.